This is the most popular excursion within our clients as it includes all the East Coast of the Ohrid Lake and all the important things and locations to be seen or to visit from Ohrid to the Monastery of Saint Naum which is only 1km away from the Albanian border.

The cruise covers distance of 25 kilometers, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes each way. It includes Ohrid Old Town, the Presidential residence of Tito, Peshtani village, Museum on water ‘Bay of bones’ (30minutes stop), Trpejca village (nicknamed the St.Tropez of Ohrid), 14th century Church of Mother Mary at Zaum (only accessible by boat and considered the most beautiful virgin beach on the Ohrid Lake, 30 minutes stop).

The final stop for 2 hours and 30 minutes is at the Monastery of Saint Naum, where you will see the most beautiful and most famous Monastery on the lake, also the crystal clear main freshwater springs feeding the lake as its main source. This part of the shore is the only one with golden-yellow sands beach, same as a seaside.

Upon request, this excursion can be extended to a full day up to 9 hours in total.


  • Max 11

  • 6 HOURS 30 MIN

  • 250 EUR

Manuela Blue

  • Max 11

  • 6 HOURS 30 MIN

  • 220 EUR